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Mopars Unlimited of Tacoma By-Laws
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Article 2 - Rules & Requirements For Membership



  1. Membership requires the individual to be at least 16 years of age. A parental waiver must be submitted if under the age of 18.
  2. Membership requires the individual to own a Mopar product and / or show a sincere interest in Mopar automobiles and the activities of the club.
  3. Membership requires the individual submit an official application. PREMIUM membership requires annual dues as well as an annual membership application.
  4. Members must be willing to appropriately represent the club with acceptable choice of language, appearance, and behavior.
  5. Members must comply with the motor vehicle laws of the State of Washington and any other place where the club may be represented.
  6. When arriving and leaving the area of all meetings and events, members must operate their motor vehicles in a controlled and acceptable manner.
  7. Members must always speak well of fellow club members in public.
Article 1 - Membership
Article 2 - Rules & Requirements for Membership
Article 3 - Annual Dues
Article 4 - Rules & Regulations
Article 5 - Elections & Voting
Article 6 - Nominations & Officer Election
Article 7 - Officer Positions
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