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Mopars Unlimited of Tacoma By-Laws
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Article 7 - Officer Positions & Responsibilities



  1. The officers shall consist of:
    • President
    • Sergeant at Arms
    • Secretary/Treasurer
    • Newsletter Editor
    • Storekeeper
    • The board of officers must consist of at least five members. No one but members of PREMIUM standing may hold office.
  • The duties of the elected officers will be as follows:


  1. Oversee and administrate the activities of the club.
  2. Oversee and insure the duties of the other officers.
  3. Be responsible for all awards, trophies, and presentations.
  4. Attend all Chapter functions and outside functions at reasonably as possible.
  5. Designate two people to have access to the club mailbox
  6. Insure a meeting place for all scheduled monthly meetings.


  1. Maintain the club by-laws.
  2. Maintain a record of all business discussed at all scheduled club meetings and functions as necessary.
  3. Provide and maintain an attendance roster for each scheduled meeting and function.
  4. Preside and conduct business in place of the president when he cannot be present.
  5. Maintain the club checking account and ledger in an acceptable manner.
  6. Receive and distribute all money involved with club activities.
  7. Provide a financial statement at each scheduled meeting.
  8. Provide receipt for all money spent by the club for any/all activities.


  1. Maintain an orderly conduct of the participants at all meetings and events.
  2. Notification of any member for non-compliance of the rules and regulations of the club. This also applies to non-members.
  3. Be able to help any other officer or the club in any capacity necessary.


  1. Maintain and publish a monthly newsletter of which a minimum of 11 would be published on a yearly basis.
  2. Newsletters will be published and sent in the mail/E-Mail within the first ten days of the month.
  3. All contents will be of good taste and mustreflect the high quality of the clubs standards and by-laws.
  4. Maintain and publish any and all printed material needed by the club such as flyers, signs, etc.
  5. Be responsible for keeping a record of all newsletters and any other printed material for the club for past research or future use.


  1. Maintain an accurate inventory of all items in stock.
  2. Maintain a current and adequate stock of items and merchandise.
  3. Responsible for insuring that funds are received by the treasurer.
  4. Responsible for organizing the selling of items at meetings and shows.
Article 1 - Membership
Article 2 - Rules & Requirements for Membership
Article 3 - Annual Dues
Article 4 - Rules & Regulations
Article 5 - Elections & Voting
Article 6 - Nominations & Officer Election
Article 7 - Officer Positions

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