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Mopars Unlimited of Tacoma By-Laws
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Article 4 - Rules & Regulations



  1. All by-law changes must be presented to members for review, and must undergo a vote after 30 days of review, not to exceed 90 days.
  2. Any change to annual PREMIUM due fees must be approved by a majority of the members at a monthly meeting
  3. Officers cannot spend over $250.00 without voter approval from members present at a monthly meeting. The only exception to this rule shall be by the Sunbust show coordinator.
  4. The Sunbust show coordinator and Webmaster shall be an appointed position and is not considered an officer of the club.
  5. The Webmaster shall provide all passwords and administrative codes regarding any Mopars Unlimited of Tacoma internet transaction to include but not limited to; the webpage, Facebook, bank accounts, and PayPal to the club officers.
Article 1 - Membership
Article 2 - Rules & Requirements for Membership
Article 3 - Annual Dues
Article 4 - Rules & Regulations
Article 5 - Elections & Voting
Article 6 - Nominations & Officer Election
Article 7 - Officer Positions

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