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Mopars Unlimited of Tacoma By-Laws
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Article 5 - Elections & Voting



  1. All elections and voting shall be by show of hands or by another means previously arranged.
  2. For all elections 75% of the total membership in attendance must vote
  3. For all resolutions of amendments to the by-laws, majority as in elections will apply to pass.
  4. Total executive action is held by the officers at all times, not as individuals on a particular matter, but as a unified governing body.
  5. One month notice on officer elections will occur.
Article 1 - Membership
Article 2 - Rules & Requirements for Membership
Article 3 - Annual Dues
Article 4 - Rules & Regulations
Article 5 - Elections & Voting
Article 6 - Nominations & Officer Election
Article 7 - Officer Positions
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